Premium Lease Protection Plan

Southern Star Self Storage offers a tenant protection plan with no deductible!

Do I Need a Protection Plan?

Our premium lease protection plan keeps you covered in the case of a disaster.

While our self storage units are protected by a host of security features, bad stuff can still happen! 

If it does, you’ll want to be protected by our premium lease protection plan! 

For a modest fee, you’ll be covered against all sorts of disasters, including theft, water damage, windstorms, fire and smoke, and even covers document recreation fees!

Consult our Premium Lease Protection Plan to see exactly what’s covered and what isn’t.

We want you to have a fantastic storage experience, and being covered by our premium, no-deductible protection plan is part of it! 

What Does the Plan Cover?

With some circumstantial exceptions, our plan covers:

  • Replacement costs for your damaged or stolen goods
  • Takes responsibility for water damage in the event of windstorm, roof leak, or broken pipes
  • Takes responsibility for household and commercial goods
  • Takes responsibility for fire and smoke damage
  • Covers document re-creation reimbursement
  • Protects cars/RVs/boats stored inside the units
  • See the lease addendum for more details!

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